Friday, May 4, 2007

This I want to remember

1. Teaching 16-and-a-half months son, Ib the word 'up':

Mommy: Ib, say 'up'. Up, up, up.
Ib: Down, down, down!

Isn't he a smart boy?

2. My soon-to-be-six Nadia trying to count her love for her mommy....

Mommy: I love you always and always, forever and ever.
Nadia: I love you even more than you love me. I love you one hundred thousand million six hundred seventy two more.... and it goes on and on and never ends....

1 comment:

mrika said...

So cute. :-)
My soon-to-be 4 yr old son says this...

Me: Do you love Mummy?
Z: Yes!!!
M: Yey... how much?
Z: 9:30 (as in the time! haha ... a lil obsessed he is with that time)
M: (LOL) Again, how much do you love Mummy?
Z: much too much
M: (sigh... tht's better... hehe)

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