Sunday, May 6, 2007

Completed tee, finally!

Not quite happy with the applique. My mom, the applique expert and perfectionist, will definitely not approve of my work. Can't wait for her to come end of April to give me a tutorial. I will save the girl's tee for my next try. Will let you know how it will turn out...


mrika said...

Well, what can I say ... we were thinking the same crafty project (tht was exactly wht i had in mine when you showed the earlier entry), but clearly you've beat me to them tees. I'm full of ideas, but not very able to execute them. Heheh.

Love the tee!! Well done you. :-)

mrika said...

Oh dear! Big typo error I made ealier. Should have read "mind" instead of "mine". Hehe..

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