Thursday, July 8, 2010

Mystery Birthday Party

My 9 year old daughter is so into spies, detectives and mysteries. So we decided to have that theme for her birthday celebration this year. The invitations came in folders with the party details. At the beginning of the party, each child received a detective kit consists of a magnifying glass, a note book ( I had 'top secret' printed on white paper and made this the cover ) and a pencil. These were used in the games where they had to decipher codes, read facts in minuscule fonts and test their concentration in the memory game. After completing the training and being awarded 'junior detective' badges, the kids had to solve the mystery in the form of a treasure hunt.

It was a lot of work but was all worth it.

Invitation idea from Bunches and Bits
Favors ideas from on-hand + modern and oh happy day

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Muna said...

am always impresss and in awe with your never ending full of creative ideas be it for your kids and other things..good job mommy!

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