Thursday, May 20, 2010

Teacher's Day Gift Part 2

We were going to bake chocolate chip cookies for the teachers but just as I turned on the oven, the electricity tripped. Scrapped the baking idea and had to make do with store bought biscuits. I printed " You're 'Tea'rrific! " on yellow paper and re-labelled the tea bag tags. Repackaged the biscuits, and put everything into a white paper bag. Personalised each paper medallion by stamping each teacher's initial. I think they turned out nice. Hope the teachers like them. To all teachers, thank you for the hard work and Happy Teacher's Day!

{ ideas from here and here }

1 comment:

ELK said...

i am a teacher ..this is a super idea.. your space is lovely!! I just looked at your shop as well...nice work!

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