Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Nadia's 8th Birthday Party

We had an adventurous celebration at Camp5. We booked a 60-minute fun-filled try-climbing programme. It was a first time climbing experience for all the kids.

The party favors were coordinated in the colour yellow. I packaged chalk and chocolates and labeled them CLIMBING CHALK and ROCK CHOCOLATE. This idea I got from design mom. I bought mineral water from Tesco and printed YOU ROCK on the labels. The party bag I decided to make myself using brown paper. It cost me RM3.50 to make 20 bags! A lot of savings there. With all the goodies in the bag including Milo packet drink and Cheezels, I stapled and glued the bag with a THANK YOU FOR COMING note.

Everyone had such a great time that no one wanted to go home when the party ended.


SOHO Mama said...

This is cool! I'm sure the kids had loads of fun. With kids, I think that's what gathering or parties are all about. Fun, fun, fun. Kdg2 makan pun they all tak kisah sgt makan apa je :)

For my boyz' birthday party in Feb, I used small brown bags as party packs too. And I cut up used boxes into rectangular pieces and pasted printouts on them, as invitation cards. My son dah tahu konsep "reuse and recycle" :)

Zara said...

the idea of party packs are just plain simple. my daughter's birthday party is coming soon. and thinking of using the brown bag as party packs... and i wonder where can i find the brown bags here in klang valley?...


french toast friday said...

Soho Mama, this is one year late but ya the kids had a fabulous time. Am in the middle of preparing the 9th birthday celebration now and there's still lots to do. Wish me luck! Anyways, what did you do for your boys this year?

Zara, I made the brown bags you see in the picture. However, there is a blog store that sells them (found this shop only when the party was over!). It's at http://oleolemanis.blogspot.com/ . Hope that helps and all the best with the birthday preparation!

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