Thursday, January 22, 2009

Mimpi Jewelry

Locally handmade vintage jewelry and accessories from Mimpi. Simply classic. Visited her blog and it seems that we kinda have the same taste in things. Nice work, Mimpi.


SOHO Mama said...

Hi there..I just love all the things that you find and post here..and I love the personalized name frames. Must order them when I move to new home..! I dropped a comment before here..anyway I linked your blog to mine, I hope you don't mind!


Murni said...

hi there! glad you like my designs & thanks for featuring mimpi! i too love the things you've found & posted here (besides mimpi of course hehehe). keep it up!

french toast friday said...

SOHO Mama, thanks for the compliments. Yeah buzz me when you want the frames done. And that's very wonderful of you to link me :)

Murni, thanks for dropping by. Do what you do best too!

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