Thursday, July 17, 2008

No to Teflon pots and pans

Teflon is a non-stick coating used on pots and pans. The coating is a toxic chemical that comes off when heated at high temperatures. It leaches into our food and eventually our bodies. Toxic fumes that are released from hot teflon pans cause birds to die and could result in making people fall sick.

Safest cookware alternatives are cast iron, enameled cast iron, glass and stainless steel.

My mom has been reminding me to change my cookware and it's about time I do so. And you should too.

(info from ideal bite and delicious organics)


ZaRa said...

i agree with you, and been trying to tell my hubby about this...but yet..he still like to used the non-stick pan bcoz it doesnt stick... *sigh*

french toast friday said...

Zara, my hubby felt the same way. Someway or another I managed to persuade him to get a Tefal wok (without Teflon) and Ikea cast iron grill. Those two are the most frequently used in our kitchen!

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