Monday, June 2, 2008

Please pray for little Rayyan

I received this heart-breaking message from a dear friend of mine concerning her little superhero, Rayyan who is suffering from leukemia:

"Just to keep you posted that Rayyan is not doing too well. We were told on Tues that they found a rare gene in his blood and that chemo would probably not save him. Doc advised us to let him go peacefully rather than try diff types of chemo to reduce the cancer cells. We brought him home but as he had high fever & was very weak, we brought him back in. On Friday, Doc told us that it's spreading vigorously. Of course all lives are in Allah's hands, but statistically, she feels he won't even last a month. So she sent us home again & taught us how to use painkillers at home.
We're trying to make the best out of the situation. Having as much fun as he can take. We're also seeking alternative treatment, including traditional. Still hoping for the best!"

I believe miracles do happen. Let's all pray for Rayyan's recovery...

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