Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Malaysian Online Shops

Liking handmade bath products? Try soaps from Soapy, made using natural ingredients.

Didn't get mom and dad anything for parents day? Or wish to get a just-because gift for someone special? Many gift ideas for all occassions from the newly-launched Red Ribbon Days. The Tanjung aromatic full body massage sounds good to me!


SOHO Mama said...

Hi all the things posted here! Especially for the home..and kiddos..and more! I use Soapy too. Trying to use all natural stuff nowadays, for the kids too.

Will definitely follow your blog. I think I need a charm bracelet..hmmm..

french toast friday said...

SOHO Mama, thanks for visiting and for the kind words. I have to admit we don't use natural organic things 100%, but we're changing bit by bit.

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