Saturday, February 2, 2008

Fairy Doors

Add a little magic to your child's room with these fairy doors from OnceUponATimeDesign. I know Nadia would be thrilled to own one.

"The fun begins in discovering what kind of fairy has moved in; will it be a travel fairy that leaves you travel plans and tickets for fun outings or will it be a cleaning fairy who will stop by periodically to inspect your home and leave treats when she’s pleasantly surprised by how clean your home is (and maybe notes when she’s a little disappointed)? A library fairy or a junk food fairy? The possibilities are endless. Maybe it will be a fairy that adores your family and leaves special gifts on holidays and other special occasions. No matter what kind of fairy moves in, it's sure to add a little magic to your home." (OnceUponATimeDesign)

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Mom to Haariz & Idrees said...

just dropping by to say Hi! ..eheh.

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