Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Please Recycle!

My daughter and I take HL fresh milk everyday. We save the barcodes (for the on-going contest!) but never recycle the cartons. FYI, the cartons are recyclable! Don't simply throw them in the trash! Rinse, dry and flatten the cartons before taking them to the collection centre.

If you are in the Bukit Rimau/ Kota Kemuning area, the closest recycling community is at MBSA multipurpose hall, Seksyen 31, opens third Sundays, 9am - 12pm. For a centre near you, click here.

OK from today onwards, there will be an additional bin next to the usual paper, plastic and glass bins in our house.

1 comment:

dearwednesday said...

bah make sure u really do it... hehe
save the barcode for me!

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