Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Teacher Appreciation Day

Teachers Meng, Winnie, Sara and Magdalene,

Happy Teacher's Day!

You are much loved and appreciated!


* We made a little something for Nadia's teachers. Filled the pots with pencils and pen, paper clips and post-it notes.


Otta said...

Nice gifts. Did you spray paint the pots yourself?

french toast friday said...

thanks. and nope... didn't paint the pots. got them from ikea. pretty aren't they?

mrika said...

These are sooo pretty! And very functional gifts too.

Where's your new crafty projects? I check your site every other day... love seeing pretty crafty things. :-)

french toast friday said...

mrika, oh you know how teachers can never have enough stationary sets? these i feel are the most practical gifts.

ooppss.. no new projects just yet. was occupied the whole 2-weeks of school break!

mrika said...

Thanks for the comment. :-)

Pink + brown your fav colour combination? Cool. At the very least, I get your vote on that one. Heheh.

The header? You design whtever you want for your header, save it as jpeg (as it's small enough).
Go to Layout editing in your blogger site. Select edit layout, select edit header. You can now import your saved jpeg design to be placed in your header section. Save this new change, and it should come out as a fine header. :-)

I hope those steps make sense. If all else fails, I'll explain once more - give me a buzz. I chat a bit on gtalk. Add's

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