Sunday, April 15, 2007

New Home Giveaway Contest!

I'm feeling generous so thought of having a little contest from my new home. All you have to do is leave a comment on this post, together with your name and email address. On May 1st, I will draw a name and the winner will receive a set of personalised frames!

So go on... start commenting!

(contest is open to Malaysia, Brunei and Singapore residents only)


Burp said...

Hi F!Nice blog and love those gifts that you make!! Keep up the good work... hugs & kisses to N and I!

Muna said...

ooo wow!!!
new blog!!this is great!!
well done u!!again!!
can't wait for your new creation
on the tees...yeay!!!

-proud owner of a.d.a.m wallframes-

MommytoMeia said...

Hi Fairuz, great to hear from you again!!! Ur boy's so lovely!!! I love his eyes!

alongariff said...

dunno whether the prize giveaway is still open.

but i just want to say how good u r in doing things like these.
gonna link u up.

bagusnye wat blog surfing and jumpe blog best2 camni =)

have a nice day!

alongariff said...

forgot to put my name & email add.


just in case i got to win the giveaway la kan *big grin*

alongariff /

mommyB said...

New Home,
Lovely Pictures.

CONGRATULATIONS french toast friday!

diamond baby said...

Hey, its great that you're having this 'housewarming' contest! Good marketing way to get people to blog surf to yours! Keep up the fantastic creative thinking!

mrika said...

Hi there! A good creative outlet you've got here. Interesting pieces. I too, am looking fwd to your tee projects. Think I knw how they'll turn out. ;-)

Congratulations on a job well done. I'm a 'creative soul' myself - anything artsy, crafty, I'm a huge fan! :-)

Ooh... and do visit my humble site too, yea.

french toast friday said...

Thank you all for the comments!

email me your contacts. can't make out who you are.

yeah i like to try new crafts. just to see what i'm best at. visited yr fp. you're very 'happening'!

dropped by yr blog today. meia loves dancing? perhaps one day my little prince can have a dance with yr precious!

thx for the link. i cant seem to view yr blog though.

hows yr cookie biz going?

diamond baby,
sama2 kita org sabah!

you could guess what the tee is going to look like? perhaps we artsy crafty people think alike, somehow! anyways, I like yr work on canvas. might give it a try too. by the way, what project are your up to now?

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