Friday, April 13, 2007

Magazine addiction

Crafts and homes magazines. My favourites! New interest is photography. More of that will be added to the mini library.

My daughter's collection.

The list of Enid Blyton's books she wants to get.


Muna said...

hahh...we both have same interest too love collecting home mags (religiously bought them every month..hehe) and other art and crafty mags though mostly i only drool over it..not so much time for artsy fartsy stuffs nowdays with a toddler to chase up and list of home mags are:
1. livingetc uk
2. home beautiful oz
3. house & garden oz
4. inside out oz
5. real living oz

mostly on contemporary living designs where as its the most simple yet practical for our lifestyle now as a family..yes?

children's books too, i'm such a fetish over them too..haha..i can go googogaagaa over the books for adam..his books collection varies from his fav cartoon character such as thomas to classical titles by the classic authors such as eric carle, margaret wise brown and watty piper..

french toast friday said...

oh yeah... i think we're the kind of moms who can't pass a bookstore without buying something. if not for ourselves, it'll be for the kiddos! hmmm...gotta look up for the kids authors you mentioned. i seem to get my daughter books my mom used to buy me ie enid blyton, hans christian andersen.

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